About EGS

The European Glaucoma Society (EGS) was founded in 1978 at the initiative of J. François, W. Leydhecker and E.L. Greve. An invitation was sent to a number of glaucoma specialists representing all European countries. This group of glaucoma specialists met in Ghent in 1978. The founding Executive Committee members were Wolfgang Leydhecker (Germany) President, Erik Greve (Netherlands) General Secretary, Redmond Smith (UK), Raymond Etienne (France), Joseph Stepanik (Austria), Jules Francois (Belgium), Honorary President. The first congress took place in Brighton UK in 1980. 

Innovation, Education, Communication, Implementation

The vision of the EGS is to promote the best possible well-being and minimal glaucoma-induced visual
disability in individuals with glaucoma within an affordable healthcare system. The four EGS Themes
(Innovation, Education, Communication, Implementation), 11 Committees and 9 Special Interest Groups
pave the way to better glaucoma care in Europe.
For further information of the Themes and Committees including their missions and action plans, kindly visit www.eugs.org.